North America

  • We distribute our products in teritory of Canada.
    Our distributor is located in Toronto
  • We distribute our products in teritory of USA.
    Our distributors are located in Chicago and Boston


  • We distribute our products in European Union.
    Our subsidiaries are located in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Spain.


  • We distribute our products in China, Hong Kong.
  • We distribute our products in Japan.


About us

SVEIKA ENERGIJA JSC is a Lithuanian-based company that has, for the first time in Lithuanian history, teamed up with partners to develop, produce and distribute top-quality, world-class protein products line made exclusively in Lithuania. HEALTHY CHOICE PROTEIN PRODUCTS is made in Lithuania from milk supplied by Lithuanian and other Baltic dairy suppliers. Lithuania has been known throughout the ages as a producer of premium quality dairy products.

This became the basis upon which we developed our new Lithuanian HEALTHY CHOICE 100% PURE and WATER-SOLUBLE WHEY PROTEIN, which comes in a 2 kg package. We also plan to introduce follow-on HEALTHY CHOICE products in the future.

A professional team with long-standing experience manages and supervises the continual supply of HEALTHY CHOICE products to current and potential customers directly from our warehouses or through our e-commerce platforms.

SVEIKA ENERGIJA JSC is actively seeking out long-term partners for distributing HEALTHY CHOICE products both in Europe and Asia. The company continually delivers HEALTHY CHOICE products to customers in all Europe, Canada, China.

We are planning to expand in the near future by increasing sales of HEALTHY CHOICE protein in foreign markets, exporting to Scandinavia, Central, Western and Southern Europe as well as Asia and North America. The company produces all natural, new generation and premium quality protein products.

SVEIKA ENERGIJA JSC seeks to become a leader in the sales and exports of Lithuanian-made premium quality and biologically valuable HEALTHY CHOICE products in Europe, establish itself in the Asia and North America markets as well as make its mark on the rest of the global market in the future.

We believe that the success of our vision depends on the goals we set ourselves as well as our continual efforts.

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